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THE PACKING HOUSE WORKER - The years have written their memoirs on Sarah Matta's hands. Swollen and distorted, her knuckles tell the story of all the work she's ever done. More than 30 years of planting and picking and packing have created a visible testament to the pain of arthritis.

Sarah Matta was a gentle woman who was very uncomfortable with being photographed. She was supposed to be photographed with her sister, who had many of the same experiences Sarah did, but she backed out at the last moment. Sarah nearly did the same and it took a lot of talking to get her to go ahead with the shoot. Though I had planed to do the photo inside her home, it was too small so I did this outside on the front porch. To top it off, just when I had the lights and background set up, it started to rain. The electrical equipment was fine but I had to stand in a steady drizzle to get this shot. The soft light was amazing.